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Welcome Akasha Ananda

Akasha---Akasha (or Akash, Akasa, ????) is the Sanskrit word meaning "aether" in both its elemental and metaphysical senses.In Hinduism Akasha means the basis and essence of all things in the material world; the first material element created from the astral world (Air, Fire, Water, Earth are the other four in sequence) 'Ananda' means 'bliss' in Pali, Sanskrit as well as other Indian languages. It is a popular Buddhist and Hindu name.

Yoga Mat Bags

Yoga Bags are made in India along the Ganges river.These bags are made from Cotton,Canvas Cotton,Organic Cotton and Sattin Silk cloth .Our bags are made on hand run sewing machines .The bags comes in different colours mostly in red, orange, green, yellow, beige, maroon, purple, grey, black, choclate brown, pink,s ky blue, light blue, dark blue, golden yellow.

Om Stoles

Embellish your wardrobe and surround yourself with the auspicious and sacred design of OM Mantra prayer stoles.The divine OM mantra is printed on these Viscose stoles.These Mantra stoles are worn over the shoulders as a wrap or around the neck.

Prayer Scarves

Prayer scarves are traditional scarves or cloths with Hindu deities and mantras printed on them. Made out of lightweight cotton .These comes in various designs and colours.Order the colors of your choice and you will receive a random assortment of deity images like Buddha, Ganesh, Nataraj, Krishna, Om, and Shiva.Even you can find Hindu Mantras on them The size of these are 74x33 inches and weighs 90 gms



These beautiful silk yoga bags are appreciated by my Japanese students. They come in various colors! Thank you for sending them.One of her students using our sattin silk bag.

Maryse Yoga Teacher Japan

I received the most wonderful assortment of yoga mat bags yesterday in the mail! I must say they are pretty much the coolest mat bags I have ever seen! They are beautiful colors and great quality! I can't wait to sell them in my studio (I'm keeping one for myself). I also received a beautiful scarf and the cutest yoga pants that I'm sure people will be wanting to order for themselves! Thank you so much!

Anam Cara ,a place for Yoga

Owner-Operator · Riverside, California

The Yoga mat bags & stoll are absolutely beautiful, a large range of beautiful colours, and top quality materials. Fully lined bags with gorgeous Indian print material. Love the adjustable strap and zip bags. We have ordered quite a few times now with Amit will do again very soon :) Thanks Amit and Team Love your work !!!!!

Shakti Yoga Shala  Ipswich Australia

I love the Yoga mat bags, and all my students who have purchased them are very happy. The quality is excellent, and the is a great range of colours.

Michele -Yoga Teacher Perth Australia

The Yoga Mats are made to last and come in a verity of beautiful colors. They are made out of natural cotton and easy to clean.

Alpha Omega Yoga Dallas USA

It is not too often that I get really excited about something, but the yoga bags I purchased from Amit are GREAT! From quality to color these bags are made to last and are BEAUTIFUL to boot. The bags have gained much attention at the YOGA studio I attend. In fact, I need to purchase more so I can share them with my yoga buddies who envey my style.... Amit... new purchase coming soon!!!. The Om scarf is a precious reminder of peace and tranquility. I wrap myself in the scarf in morning meditation/yoga exercise. It feels like a cloak of light that reminds me of what really matters in life. I am confident you will enjoy all the products produced by the loving hands of one of my favorite people.... Amit Agarwal!.Yoga pants... BEAUTIFUL AND MOVEABLE!!!!

Michelle  -Yoga student Asheville North Carolina

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